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Technologically Authentic Reproduction of ancient ceramics for Museum Shops

An obvious application of the knowledge produced from the study and understanding of ancient technologies is the modern reproduction of ancient artefacts by following the original, ancient manufacturing processes. THETIS, at the moment, is the only company in the Museum market that offers ceramic copies, which do not simply imitate the style of the originals with the use of acrylic paints. The second component 'authentics' in the company's name refers to the 'Technologically authentic reproduction of ancient manufacturing techniques and artefacts'. The ceramic products span the period from Late Neolithic to Hellenistic times, including the technologically advanced classical Athenian pottery, the so-called red and black figured vases.

Museum Quality Ancient Ceramic Replicas

All ceramics produced by THETIS are hand-thrown, hand painted with clay based materials ("slips") and the colours emerge during firing. The slips are produced by carefully selecting and processing natural clays in water in order to separate the finest particle fraction. The colour and texture of the decoration depends on particle size, chemical composition and details of the firing.

The shades of red, brown and black are achieved by following the ancient manufacturing process known as "the iron reduction technique" which involves successive stages of firing in oxidizing and reducing kiln atmosphere. Following production the ceramics are subjected to an accelerated aging process. The result is a ceramic object whose colour, texture, chemical composition and microstructure are indistinguishable from the original. In order to prevent any misrepresentation regarding their origin all objects bear incised marks of the Museum and THETIS authentics (╚┼ď╔Ë).

The artefacts are totally free of toxic elements (i.e. lead, barium, zinc etc) or acrylic materials and they are not affected by usual liquids (tea, coffee, wine, vinegar, oil) or exposure to heat. On special request, at the Museum Shop, all objects can be supplied without the aging step for use as tableware.

The Collection of the Benaki Museum

The N.P. Goulandris Collection


Decorated ceramic sherds

Our company following its policy of creating high quality reproductions of ceraic artifacts is now in a position to offer a collection of black and red figure ceramic sherds. It is our belief that focusing on the production of painted sherds represents the best way to set off the artistic and historical value of classical vases created by consummate artists, like Efronios, Amasis and Exekias, who depicted on them scenes of myth and everyday life of Athenians. The scenes and other decorative features derive from the original vases. The sherd?s form and outline are adapted to the illustration with the help of image processing techniques. The sherds are then hand painted and fired by skillful artisans. Every final object is numbered, bears our incised company mark and is accompanied by a THETIS' certificate.

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