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The company headquarters, the reproduction laboratory and workshop are located in Pangrati, an ancient neighbourhood behind the Panathenaic Marble Stadium (see the google map).

The analytical laboratory and equipment created in the frame of the TESS _GSRT research program are housed in the Conservation Department of the Benaki Museum.

The in house facilities include a chemical laboratory for the processing of clay materials, optical microscopy and portable X-ray Fluorescence system, digitally controlled laboratory and production kilns, ceramic wheel and surface treatment equipment and all associated IT equipment for recording and documentation.

The company has permanent access to analytical equipment (Electron Microscopy, near and mid Infrared spectroscopy, X-ray Diffrcation and Fluorescence Spectroscopy, PIXE and RBS techniques, Thermoluminescence technique etc) located in the major Public Research Centres and University Research Labs in Greece as well as in several major analytical facilities in Europe.

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