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ResearchRecoveryRevival - Authentic reproduction of ancient techniques and artefacts

The study and detailed understanding of ancient ceramic production techniques has allowed the ''technologically authentic'' reproduction of ancient ceramic artefacts destined for Museum shops, special exhibitions, private collections and educational projects. All ceramic products are hand made and decorated with clay slips that acquire their color during the firing process in contrast to the usual tourist market products decorated after firing with “cold” acrylic paints. The company's technical knowhow covers all types of clay slip decorated ceramics (pottery, figurines, toys etc) from Neolithic to Roman with special emphasis on the black and red figured pottery of the classical period.

The company products can be broadly classified in the following three categories:

Products for public exhibitions, shows and displays
In response to requests from Public authorities and Museums THETIS Authentics has reproduced complete collections of ceramic artefacts to substitute for the originals in cases where these cannot be displayed for reasons such as security or environmental risk, conservation or study needs etc .

Museum shop ''custom'' reproductions
These are ''made to order'' and usually involve artefacts from the Museum's own collections. They are sold exclusively through the client Museum shop. A detailed catalogue of THETIS products for various Museums as well as contact details for ordering can be found below:
                                            Benaki Museum Collection
                                            Museum of Cycladic Art - N.P.Goulandris Collection
THETIS Authentics' ''archaeologically inspired'' products
This is a collection of utilitarian or decorative artefacts inspired by the different ancient ceramic types of the Eastern Mediterranean. All materials and decoration methods follow the ancient techniques. Though not exact copies of extant ancient ceramics these artefacts could have been produced by ancient workshops.

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